Tradewinds Cares Mission

At Tradewinds, your health and safety are our number one priority. Our hotel guests, staff and community members are of utmost importance. We are devoted to providing a clean and safe environment. With respect to COVID-19, we are continuously heeding the advice of the Ministry of Public Health, along with other advisory bodies and implementing procedures that go above and beyond our already high standards.

Tradewinds Cares About Your Stay With us
Guest Room

Each of our hotel rooms are equipped with individual split unit type air conditioning, as opposed to a central air conditioning unit. We have made improvements to our already stringent cleaning and sanitation procedures. Each room is thoroughly sanitized. All door handles, faucets, remote controls, countertops, toilet seats, light switches, phones, furniture, appliances and flooring are cleaned meticulously. Linens provided, are laundered on site at our extremely hygienic laundry room by our staff member. All rooms are additionally opened and aired out daily. During the guest’s stay, the guest can call the front desk and/or restaurant for any service request, in order to limit contact. 

Tradewinds Cares About Your Restaurant Experience
Our two on-site restaurants follow strict guidelines that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health. Both restaurant menus are on our website and on social media platforms to allow patrons to view the menus with ease from their phones and/or computers. Indoor seating is closed off. At our main restaurant, hotel guests only will be allowed to dine poolside in the fresh air. Chairs and tables have been placed the required distance away from one another. After guests have finished eating, their chairs and tables will be disinfected and ready for the next guest’s arrival. Single use cutlery and other items have been adopted. Patrons who are not staying at the hotel will be allowed curb side pick-up or delivery. The restaurant staff member will meet the patron at his/her car so that they do not have to come directly to the restaurant. 

Tradewinds Cares About Your Meetings
Both of our conference rooms will be completely disinfected and sanitized prior to your meeting. During breaks, a staff member will also come in to sanitize. Based on recommended guidelines, physical distancing will be introduced. For each conference room, we will allow a set number of persons that go in accordance with the size of the room. Food and drinks will be provided by our restaurant on site, which has implemented even stricter health and safety protocols during the past few months. 

Tradewinds Cares About Your Gym Experience 
Upon entering the gym, there will be a mandatory touchless temperature check. Anyone who exhibits a temperature greater than 37.5°C will not be allowed to enter the gym. Masks must be worn upon entry into the gym and hands must be sanitized. We have installed a hand sanitizing station at the entrance of our gym. Personal towels are mandatory to workout. Patrons are also encouraged to bring their own yoga mats. No circuit training or super-setting is allowed. The gym will be cleaned from top to bottom, before opening. During opening hours, personnel will be on site to wipe down equipment after use. Disinfectant sprays and towels will also be available for patrons to wipe down their own equipment before and after use. We will go the extra mile to create a safe and sanitary environment. 

Tradewinds Cares About Air Quality
At Tradewinds, we have prioritized the need for increased fresh air circulation throughout our buildings, for both our guests and staff members. Daily, from the morning until early afternoon, the lobby doors are opened to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the building. Our hotel rooms, as mentioned above, are also opened daily to allow fresh air to circulate and thus increase air quality. 

Tradewinds Cares about Your Health 

We have installed numerous hand sanitizer stations at entry points throughout the property. Upon entry on to the property, all are required to sanitize their hands. We have supplied hand sanitizer and/or wipes for all our staff, at each workstation. We are closely monitoring our housekeeping schedule to ensure routine cleaning and sanitization of all main areas, restaurant kitchens, restrooms and guest rooms. Our vehicle for our guests and our vehicle for our staff members, are both regularly disinfected and cleaned. At our restaurants, disposable cutlery, among other items are being utilized. 

Hygiene Reminders  
Ministry of Health hygiene signs have been installed throughout all the buildings, on all entry doors. Signs reminding patrons to wear their masks have also been installed at our various entry points. Rules have been put in place requiring all staff to wear masks and gloves where necessary. Signs displaying proper mask use have been installed as a reminder to all staff. At the employee clock-in station, we have put up a sign reminding employees to sanitize hands before clocking in and out. Additionally, in each restroom we have put up instructions concerning proper handwashing etiquette to reduce the risk of the spread of germs. 

Protective Guards
Countertop glass shields have been installed at the front desk and mini-mart. This will help to protect guests and staff members during face-to-face transactions. These will be sanitized regularly. 

Social Distancing 
In our small areas, such as our mini mart and pool, we will only be allowing 3 persons in at a time. The number of persons allowed in the lobby is closely monitored by our security at the front. At our two on-site restaurants, both have set up curb-side pick-up and delivery. Our main restaurant will only allow hotel guests to sit by the poolside. Tables are set the appropriate distance apart. For those picking up food, the restaurant staff member will meet patrons on the roadside with their order so that persons do not have to come out their cars, allowing for increased social distancing.  Patrons are encouraged to place their order over the phone or via the restaurant delivery application, in order to limit contact.

Tradewinds Cares About Team Members 

All staff members will receive updates on protocols regarding COVID-19. In the case that there is a suspected case on the property, staff will be trained on the necessary steps to take in such incidences. 

Temperature Checks
Upon entry into our main building, we have set up a temperature gun. Team members, as well as, guests will be required to take their temperature. If their temperature is high, the staff member will be required to leave immediately, while the guest will be asked to quarantine in their room. A doctor will be called to check on the sick guest to undergo further assessment. We will have a building dedicated to quarantined guests, so that other guests and staff members will not be in contact with them. If a staff member falls sick while at work, he/she will be asked to leave work and the necessary sanitization of all buildings will commence immediately.

Clearance must be received before returning to work. 

We have set workstations further apart to reduce contact. The number of persons allowed at various workstations has also been enforced. Each workstation is sanitized regularly. Lynx machines are disinfected after every use. Work schedules have been staggered in order to decrease the number of persons at a given time. The same has been done to lunch schedules in order to minimize occupancy in these areas. Limited chairs have been placed in the lunchroom, a set distance apart. Staff meetings are held poolside in the open air with social distancing in place.

Personal Protective Equipment 
All staff members have been provided with face masks. Once on site, they will be required to wear their masks. For role that involve frequent touchpoints, such as housekeeping, gloves have also been provided. 
Team members will be provided with and required to wear face masks in adherence to local and state guidelines. For roles that require access to frequent touchpoints (public area department, housekeeping) or guests (security) team members will be provided gloves as well.